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Massages and procedures

Clients are offered various types of special, exclusive and romantic massages, water baths, Day Spa packages and other procedures.

Would you like to find out more? Contact us daily from 9:00 to 22:00 at or call +421 41 549 48 32.


Aphrodite ritual massage*    60 min€90
Our original massage combines efficient therapeutic massage movements and hot essential oils to perfectly restore your harmony and lost energy. Be pampered, enjoy the slow relaxation of your muscles. All tension and stress will be released.
Exclusive massage with a special hot tub blanket NEWS *90 min€120
An unforgettable experience which will completely erase everyday troubles and worries. Hot blankets will cover your legs and back, and a full body massage will follow to please your senses and to release any tension.
Malibu Cocktail massage *60 min€80
an unforgettable and pleasant sensual and relaxing experience similar to a coconut cocktail. It starts with the coconut peeling, nutritive oils mixed with Malibu liquor for deeply relaxed muscles, and ends with coconut butter balm gently applied to your skin.
Havana Rum massage60 min€80
Nutritive biological oils combined with Cuban rum stimulate capillary circulation and relax stiff muscles, release stress, and transport you to remote sunny places with a pleasant fragrance, nice ambience and a gentle touch. You will be welcomed with a shot of Cuban rum to warm yourself up.
Swedish massage *60 min€80
This full body regenerative massage has become one of the most reputed and popular massage techniques. It combats tiredness, relaxes muscles, mitigates pain and tension, increases capillary circulation and supports your body’s regenerative processes.
Lava stone massage *60 min€80
A favoured massage which stimulates blood circulation and the lymphatic system, activates detoxification and restores lost energy. Hot lava stones will warm your body and slowly release muscle tension.
Bamboo massage *45 min€60
A unique massage technique to relax your body and lymphatic drainage. Oriental cultures have always considered bamboo a precious symbol of youth and strength. The massage is based on special smooth bamboo rods of different sizes and original coconut massage oil. The pressure will be maximized by specific rods applied to the treated part of your body. Bamboo rods will carefully relax your muscles for a long-lasting effect.
Sports massage30 min€45
A specific classic massage introduced for legs. It consists of quick massage movements for intense blood circulation and muscle warm-up.
Full body exclusive massage *45 min€60
An excellent relaxing massage for your body and mind. Bio almond oil and relaxing essential oil will be applied to your back, neck, arms and legs.
LOMI-LOMI Hawaiian massage *45 min€60
Smooth and rhythmic massage movements applied to your forearms and hands. Stretching, pressing and rotation techniques will release the energy blocked in your joints and relax your body.
Aromatherapy oil massage30 min€45
Touch and fragrance combined into a soothing feeling of well-being. The effects depend on the selected essential oil:
- mandarin oil - anti-inflammatory effects, prevention of varicose veins, stimulation of the psyche
- lavender - relieves stress and nervousness, insomnia and headache, reduces hypertension
- ylang-ylang - aphrodisiac and soothing effects
- scrub pine oil - treatment of rheumatism, swollen and painful joints, arthritis.
Honey massage30 min€45
The healing effects of bee honey rubbed through the skin of your back will directly spread throughout your body. Effleurage (stroking) movements will remove material excreted from tissues. The massage has beneficial detox, regenerative and nutritive effects on your skin.
Feet reflexology30 min€45
Some organs will benefit from the pressure exercised on special points and zones of your feet. The stimulation of such special points and zones improves metabolism and relieves a painful back or feet. Your feet will feel pleasantly light after the massage.
Manual lymphatic drainage (body)30 min€45
Manual lymphatic drainage (body) *45 min€60
Special massaging strokes developed to treat the lymphatic system are highly efficient in solving tiredness and lymphedema. Detoxification included. The client and the therapist will agree upon the scope of lymphatic drainage, based on the client’s health conditions and lymphatic drainage frequency.
Back cupping30 min€45
Glass cups are placed on your body to strengthen your immune system, improve blood flow and functions of the lymphatic system, and relieve back muscle pain.
Hydro-massage **20 min€35
Full body massage by water pressure. The client is immersed in natural healing water (35-37°C). The massage has excellent relaxing and anti-cellulite effects, mainly produced by water pressure and temperature which benefit smooth muscles, blood circulation and the lymphatic system.
Partial classic massage15 min€22
Partial classic massage30 min€40
A set of therapeutic and relaxing massage strokes (kneading, stroking, spreading, vibration, effleurage) selected by the massage therapist.

Face massage

Manual lymphatic drainage - face and décolleté30 min€45
Manual lymphatic drainage - face and décolleté *45 min€60
A special massage with sedatory, analgesic and antispasmodic effects on blood circulation, the lymphatic system, and facial and décolleté beauty.
Anti-stress face massage30 min€40
Forget stressful reality with pleasant relaxing music and soothing massage movements.

Romantic procedures

Romantic massage for couples45 min€120
A pleasing relaxing massage in candlelight, for you and your partner.
Romantic lava stone massage for couples *60 min€160
A harmonizing massage for you and your partner. An unforgettable romantic atmosphere with candle light. The power of lava stones will harmonize your energies.
* a cup of exclusive tea is served to emphasize the massage’s effects and sensation

We recommend booking massages and procedures in advance on +421 905 669 294, +421 41 5494832, or by e-mail to
Massage and procedures cancellation policy:
Massage cancelled on the booked day is charged at 30% of its price.
Massage cancelled 2 hours before the booked time is charged at 100% of its price.


Hydro-massage + hot tub blanket **20 min€20
A full body hydro-massage bath in healing thermal water will relieve your bones, muscles, joints and nerves. Perfection is achieved through colour therapy and multiple nozzles which massage your body from your feet to your neck.
Hydro-massage bath Aphrodite + hot tub blanket **20 min€22
To relax your mind and body. A full body hydro-massage bath in healing thermal water combined with aromatic bath salts and essential oils. Perfection is achieved through colour therapy and multiple nozzles which massage your body from your feet to your neck. Your skin will be fragrant, smooth, soft and nurtured.
Whirlpool bath + hot tub blanket **20 min€18
A gently thrilling massage in a whirlpool bath with air bubbles. Untreated natural healing water from the geothermal spring heals your bones, muscles and nervous system.
Aromatherapy and whirlpool bath + hot tub blanket **20 min€20
A gently thrilling massage in a whirlpool bath with air bubbles. Untreated natural healing water from the geothermal spring heals your bones, muscles and nervous system. Aromatic bath salts with a unique skin beauty effect are added.
CO2 bath + hot tub blanket **20 min€25
Carbon dioxide is applied to thermal water. A continuous cover made of CO2 bubbles over your body immersed in water will gently warm you up, stimulate blood circulation for a youthful look of your skin, provide an anti-cellulite effect and optimize blood pressure.
** blanket provided.

Other spa procedures

Hydrogen inhalation50 min€20
Inhalation treatment is the most efficient and quickest method to distribute molecular hydrogen to each and every cell in our body. All research studies have confirmed that molecular hydrogen inhibits the inflammatory response in your body, reduces oxidative stress and thus significantly helps the proper functioning of the immune system and alleviates the symptoms of viral infection.
Oxygen therapy45 min€20
Inhalation of adequately moist air with a 60-90% share of oxygen. You will be served a vitamin beverage. Inhaled oxygen has significant rejuvenating and regenerative effects on all tissues, the cardiovascular system and your mental health.
Peat20 min€18
Warm peat will be applied on painful spots relieved by the released heat and humin contained in the peat soil. One procedure shall mean one peat application.
Fitness - single entry1 entry€5
Vacuwell30 min€6
Active movements combined with a simultaneous vacuum enhance blood flow in subcutaneous tissues, stimulate the lymphatic system and thus eliminate lipid tissues and cellulite at a certain pulse rate. Bring your sportswear and clean resistant shoes to do exercise.

Pedicure - Manicure

Wellness pedicure90 min€55
This royal care for your feet consists of a whirlpool foot bath, a pedicure, application of Dead Sea mud and a relaxing feet massage.
Wellness manicure90 min€35
Special care for your hands starts with a manicure, a hand bath, application of nutritive oil and Dead Sea mud. It ends with a relaxing hand massage.
Japanese manicure45 min€30
Special care for natural nails. It supports capillary circulation and healthy nail growth. A nutritive paste made of cera alba, panthenol, glycerine, vitamins A and E is polished over nail plates. Nails are brighter, less brittle or fragile.
Wet pedicure
45 min€35
Manicure45 min€20
Nail care and polish *15 min€5
French manicure *30 min€7
*Additional care with Pedicure and Manicure

Price List_Treatments consulted with a doctor

Initial medical examination
Respiratory therapy in groups40 min€15
Group exercise aimed at improving overall physical condition, strength of muscles and flexibility. Throughout the exercise, clients focus on the rhythm and deep breathing to increase vital lung capacity, to relax and strengthen muscles used to inhale and exhale. Movements of our arms, legs and trunk stimulate deep breathing practice.
Individual rehabilitation20 min€30
Targeting exercises and special methods are practised and supervised by am experienced physiotherapist to improve your health.
Back reflexology20 min€30
Manual treatment based on preset exercises which favourably influence backbone reflex zones and pathways. Correctly performed massage reduces tension in muscles and pain in bones, joints and muscles.
Bemer - treatment of blood vessels8-20 min€20
Bemer - treatment of blood vessels (5 sessions)8-20 min€85
Bemer physical therapy uses special electromagnetic waves to stimulate restricted or compromised blood circulation in tissues, even in the smallest capillary vessels. The therapy supports the body´s regulation of healing and cell regeneration. Bemer therapy improves the circulation of blood and lymph to organs and tissues, and it boosts wound healing and recovery from sport injuries. Moreover, it benefits the immune system, physical and mental performance, and, last but not least, it treats sleep disorders.
Shock Wave - applied upon a doctor’s prescription
A patented device with an immediate, long-lasting, multiple therapeutic effect. Its application combines painless shock wave therapy with diathermy. These simultaneously affect the treated area and achieve exceptional results, successfully bringing relief, reducing muscle tension, accelerating wound healing, increasing collagen reduction and improving metabolism in a number of troublesome diagnoses: Heel spur – Shoulder pain – Painful injuries to muscles and tendons (tearing, stretching) – Calcifications – Back pain – Fibrosis – Tendonitis – Bursitis – Achilles tendonitis – Dupuytren's contracture, etc.
Local cryotherapy - applied upon a doctor’s prescription
Local application of cooled air on certain parts of the body to treat sports injuries, and rheumatic and degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Cryotherapy has analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effects. Muscle tone is reduced and mobility increased.
Bio Magnetic Resonance Therapy30 min€15
A patented device releases subatomic quantum energy to stimulate cells in damaged tissues in bodily organs. Bio Magnetic Resonance Therapy successfully treats acute and chronic musculoskeletal diseases, degenerative joint arthritis, painful and injured intervertebral disks, osteoporosis, injured tendons and post-traumatic conditions. The aesthetic, anti-ageing and rejuvenating results of the therapy are visible thanks to the biological stimulation of collagen and elastin fibres.
Distance interferential electrotherapy15 min€10
Three significant physical treatments combined into one: low-frequency pulse therapy, interferential therapy and a polarized red light increase the therapeutic effect by 200% compared to the classic distance electrotherapy. High efficiency has been confirmed when treating degenerative, inflammatory, post-traumatic musculoskeletal complications or consequences in the nervous system, injury of intervertebral disks, tendons, muscles and joints. Electrotherapy has healing, regenerative and analgesic effects on injured tissues.
Magnetic field therapy20 min€10
Magnetic pulses treat pain and inflammation in your body.
Distance electrotherapy15 min€10
Contactless treatment by low and medium frequencies. Available treatment programmes for healing, anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects.
Interferential therapy10 min€7
Medium-frequency current to relieve pain.
Short wave diathermy15 min€5
High-frequency current to generate heat in tissues and relieve pain.
Ultrasound10 min€10
Micro-massaging of tissues; mechanical sound waves stimulate blood flow.
Bioptron10 min€7
Light energy stimulates correct bodily cell functions.
Solux10 min€5
Infrared light warms up tissues and stimulates blood circulation.
Parafango15 min€15
A mud and paraffin masque is applied to painful areas to warm and heal them.
Paraffin10 min€10
Healing paraffin is applied to hands to warm and heal them.
Inhalation15 min€15
The regular inhalation of “Vincentka” water has an antiseptic, relieving, anti-inflammatory and stimulating effect on the upper and lower respiratory tracts and pulmonary alveoli. “Vincentka” water is unique, salty, strongly mineralized water with a high concentration of iodine, fluorides and biogenic elements.
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