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SPANovinkyWater traction forces

Water traction forces

A unique therapeutic procedure targeting the relaxation of muscles, it very gently relieves the pressure on the articular capsule and intervertebral discs, while your body is immersed in healing thermal water. The temperature of the water, at a pleasant 35-36°C ,combined with the relaxing effect of the bath via hydrostatic and osmotic pressure, relieve the joints from self-weight. The procedure lasts 15 minutes and is subject to prescription by spa doctors according to your health condition, targeting the lumbar or cervical spine. The effect of the client’s weight can be optionally combined with weights.

How it works:
The osmotic pressure combined with the water temperature produce a gentle and relaxing effect on your skeleton, muscles, fascias and ligaments. When muscles relax, the longitudinal backbone axis is exposed to efficient traction forces. The centre of a intervertebral disk is composed of collagen and proteoglycans. 90% of its structure i
Water traction forces30 € / 15 min

Indications of procedures:

  • nerve root syndromes caused by a damaged intervertebral disk,
  • cervical, chest, lumbar pain,
  • degeneration of vertebrae and intervertebral disks,

  • inflammation of backbone and nervous system,
  • hypermobility, 
  • epilepsy, psychological diseases, 
  • severe muscle spasm, 
  • nausea during and after the procedure, 
  • shooting pain in limbs

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