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Weight loss package

Professionally composed treatment packages focused on weight loss, change of dietary habits and encouragement to live a healthy lifestyle. After your weight loss holiday ends you will have acquired important knowledge about your health condition, have enhanced your immune system, have learnt how you should continue in preventive measures and improve your health. Recommended duration: 14-21 nights. The minimum duration is 7 nights.

The weight loss package can be combined with accommodation in all our accommodation facilities.

More information and booking details about HEALING WEIGHT LOSS PACKAGE at 00421 549 42 56,

Individual medical examination and consultancy

Initial and final medical consultancy
  • evaluation of health condition, prescribed procedures, prescribed weight loss diet considering concomitant diagnoses. 
Tanita full body segmental analysis
  • segmental analysis of your body composition in less than 20 seconds. The analysis includes over 20 complex indicators and individual segments.
Nutrition nurse consultation
  • Your will discuss the principles of a healthy diet focused on weight loss and concomitant diagnoses.
  • dietary habits - based especially on food low in calories, high biological value, the optimum proportion of proteins and fibre, rich in fruit, vegetable and nutrients.
  • The diet is combined with doses of healing water from the Aphrodite spring
  • Clients will benefit from reduced body weight, harmony and detoxification of metabolism, corrected dietary habits and overall positive personal feeling, 
Physiotherapist consultation
  • the principles of movement and sport activity will be discussed, the exercise plan during the client’s stay proposed, considering their health condition, weight and concomitant diagnosis.


Exercise Plan
  • at least one daily training supervised by a trainer
  • aqua aerobic, Nordic walking, fit ball, fitness training, IMOOVE.
Special health aesthetics related to weight loss
  • one procedure per day, prescribed by a doctor
  • radio-frequency treatment, REACTION (once daily), LPG-lipo-massage, vibrosauna, lymphatic drainage massage by machine, Vacuwell).
Additional regenerative procedures
  • one procedure per day, prescribed by a doctor
  • classic massage 30´, hydro-massage 20´, manual lymphatic drainage massage 30´, oxygen therapy 45´, CO2 bath 20´ hydro-massaging bath, parafango 15´, peat 20´,
  • free access to (outdoor and indoor) thermal pools and the Sauna World. 

  • breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • reduction diet
  • select from 3 meals
  • drinking regime
  • one fruit bowl/day


Blood count
  • Our spa offers a complex blood count analysis to explain biochemical reactions in your body, get the blood count, understand lipid metabolism, liver tests, kidney functions, mineral and vitamin D levels. Extra fees apply to COVID-19 antibody tests, cancer markers, etc.
*Specifically provided upon the client’s request. Extra fees apply.
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